Meals on Wheels Frozen

Meals on Wheels delivery to client

Our Meals on Wheels (Frozen) is a healthy and affordable option that provides complete, frozen, home-style meals to clients, without having to leave their homes.  

Meals on Wheels (Frozen) makes nutrition easier for members of the community. We deliver frozen meals to seniors, people with disabilities or those who aren’t able to do their own grocery shopping and/or cook for themselves. Clients are given several frozen meal options to choose from and special dietary items are also available. 

There is a small fee per meal. Meals can be picked up or delivered free of charge. Delivery service allows us to provide both nutrition and a safety check at the client’s doorstep. All meals can be easily reheated in a microwave or conventional oven. We also offer Meals on Wheels (Hot).

Benefits of our Meals on Wheels (Frozen) program

Better health & well-being

Complete and nutritious meals are important to maintaining health and well-being.

Live independently

Meals are affordable and convenient and can be adapted to the unique dietary needs of each client.

Help with daily living

Clients can still get the nutrition they need to stay healthy, even if cooking for themselves isn't an option.

My mom is no longer able to read recipes or cook every day, but VON’s frozen meals are easy for her to microwave, giving her the independence of preparing a meal for herself when we can’t prepare one for her.
Caregiver of a VON frozen meal delivery client