Family Supports: Familyhome Program

The Familyhome program matches adults with a developmental disability with a family looking to open their home and share their family life.

The Familyhome Program provides a safe, healthy and respectful home to individuals with developmental disabilities. 

Each client of our Familyhome program is matched with a compatible family. This match is the cornerstone of the Familyhome program.

Our definition of family is broad — it could be a couple with children, a single person, or empty nesters. The screening of families is a thoughtful process. The first requirement is a family's desire to welcome someone to live in their home. VON complete a screening process that includes a criminal reference check and a personal interview. 

When a compatible match is found, a gradual transition occurs until the person moves in and begins to become part of the family.

    Service Locations

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    Benefits of our Familyhome Program

    Social connection

    Being part of a family promotes social inclusion, safety and community involvement for adults with developmental disabilities.

    Live independently

    The host family provides clients with the care, support and supervision needed for them to live with dignity and self-determination.

    Safety & security at home

    Host families can provide the supervision and assistance required for the client to live as independently as possible.

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