Palliative Care Services and Programs

We offer a range of supports and care for clients who require palliative or end-of-life hospice care, from palliative care at home or at a residential hospice to palliative care courses for providers. 

Our professional and caring nurses work with you to address your loved one’s needs during their end-stage of life. We can help to keep them pain-free and comfortable, by providing palliative care at home, in familiar surroundings close to family and friends.

Many of our palliative care programs include volunteer visiting. Trained volunteers provide respite for family members and companionship to the client and work closely with the nurses as part of the palliative care team.

We also help to increase the skills and knowledge of palliative care providers. We offer several palliative care training courses, for volunteers, caregivers and providers. 

We also employ nurses as Palliative Pain and Symptom Management Consultants. These consultants work with health-care providers to build their capacity and knowledge in caring for clients and their families at end of life. These consultants support service providers in long-term care and community agencies by sharing knowledge and expertise, mentoring providers and connecting them with specialized hospice palliative care resources available.  

Service Locations

Offered in the following locations