Nursing at Home

nurse and client in home

For many, receiving nursing care at home is a preferred option. Our professional nurses and nursing staff offer a wide range of in-home nursing care.

Our visiting nurses offer physical assessments, help with symptom control, and provide medical or nursing treatments, rehabilitation therapy, education and counselling to individuals and families — all in the comfort and familiarity of your home.

Specialty nursing services are available from visiting nurses, including enterostomal therapy, continence care and wound care; peritoneal dialysis; and palliative care. We also serve medically fragile paediatric clients, who we see either in their homes or in the school. Shifts range from a full day or overnight to shorter respite shifts or providing insulin and blood glucose testing for children in the school during their nutrition break. 

For more information on care and services available, contact your local VON office.

    Benefits of our Nursing at Home services

    Better health & well-being

    Our nurses can provide a wide range of care, in the comfort and convenience of your own home

    Improved access to care

    Visiting nurses can make it easier for clients with limited mobility or other challenges to receive the care they need.

    Live independently

    Being surrounded by the comfort and conveniences of home can make it much easier to sustain a healthy and independent lifestyle.

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