Our eHomecare program is an innovative, team-based approach to in-home care.

With our eHomecare program, a registered nurse (RN) oversees and guides the work of a specially trained personal support worker, called a health-care technician (HCT). HCTs deliver care in the client's home, acting as the eyes, ears and hands of the RN. They send data and observations to the nurse on a regular basis. The nurse assesses that information and provides instruction or direction to the health-care technician at the bedside. 

One nurse can supervise several HCTs, allowing us to care for more clients in their own homes. 

Service Locations

Offered in the following locations

Benefits of our eHomecare program

Live independently

Clients can receive care in the safety, comfort and familiar surroundings of their own home.

Better health & well-being

In-home care can improve clients' quality life and support their safety and well-being while ensuring they remain close to family and friends.

Improved access to care

Using technology to maximize care delivery means we can offer more clients care in the comfort of home.

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