Clinique francophone

At our clinique francophone, we provide innovative clinical, personal and social support to Francophone members of the community.

The French-speaking nurse practitioner at our clinique francophone offer a wide range of clinical services to francophone members of the community. We can diagnose illnesses and injuries, perform physical examinations, request and interpret diagnostic tests, provide treatments and referrals to other health professionals and specialists, administer vaccines and can prescribe medications. 

We can also help you manage chronic diseases like diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or asthma and provide mental health assessments and care. 

Services are available by appointment. Contact us to find out more.

Service Locations

Offered in the following locations

Benefits of our clinique francophone

Better health & well-being

French-speaking clients can feel more comfortable and involved in their own care being able to communicate in their language of choice.

Manage your own health

We can teach you how to better manage your diabetes, COPD or asthma, in the language of your choice. 

Improved access to care

A common language can relieve frustration and anxiety for a client and encourage to access the care they need.

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