Assisted Living or Supports for Daily Living

Our Assisted Living / Supports for Daily Living program provides intensive supports that help people stay in their own homes longer.

Some people need more intensive support than home care can provide, but don’t require the medical monitoring or supervision of long-term care. 

Our Assisted Living / Supports for Daily Living program provides a range of non-medical assisted living services to high-risk seniors with complex needs, in order for them to stay living independently in the comfort of their own home. 

We offer personal hygiene care, such as bathing and hair care, assistance with the routine activities of daily living, such as dressing/undressing, toileting and eating and essential homemaking services and safety reassurance checks. 

Visits are scheduled for multiple times throughout the day, during the evenings or weekends or overnight according to recipients' needs and preferences.

    Benefits of our Assisted Living / Supports for Daily Living program

    Live independently

    We can provide the right type and level of support for people who don't yet require long-term care and want to remain in their own home.

    Safety at home

    Regular visits allows us to keep an eye on recipients' security and well-being.

    Help with daily living

    We can help with light housekeeping and meal preparation if these activities become too challenging.

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